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Student Employment in Germany

General Information About the Program

For all enthusiastic students looking to be a part of the Work & Travel Germany program, we offer seamless facilitation throughout the entire process. This Program is the main focus of Posrednik since 2017. The program is offered with approval from the German Employment Agency as a part of cultural exchange, offering students the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the German language, culture, customs, and gain valuable work experience through student employment in Germany.

For many students, this represents their first work experience and a chance to earn their own income. We provide an extensive array of job opportunities across various sectors, coupled with comprehensive document preparation and travel assistance for candidates. Seasonal employment can be pursued during both the winter and summer breaks, during which students from Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Turkyie and other countries are entitled to work for up to 90 days within a 12-month period. To secure the right to work, a work permit issued by the German employment agency is required.

Obtaining a work permit involves submitting an application with the following documents:

  • Registration and fulfillment of a profile on (English or German)
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Student Status Certificate in duplicate, bearing the original signature and stamp of the candidate’s respective university
  • Translation on English or German language of the Student Certificate
  • “Erklärung zur Immatrikulationsbescheinigung” in triplicate, bearing the original signature and university stamp (this document can be found on our website under the “DOCUMENTS” section).

The application process begins with registration on our website, . Next, navigate to “MY PROFILE” and complete the necessary fields to create your concise biography or CV. After compiling all required documents, proceed to the “VERIFICATION” section to upload the documents, while delivering the originals to our office or sending them by mail.

To complete the application, you’ll need to sign a contract with us and make an initial deposit of 3,000 Macedonian denars. Following this, the approval of the work permit from the employment agency ensues. We strongly advise all interested students to apply promptly to avoid potential complications in the event of permit approval uncertainty. The application deadline is March 31.

Job Positions and Locations

After applying for student employment in Germany and completing all necessary documents, the allocation of job positions in Germany depends on proficiency in the German language, prior work experience, as well as specific requirements from the employers themselves. You will be informed about the job position and location, and you must decide whether to accept the job offer as soon as possible. The job position and location will be carefully selected based on your preferences and qualifications. Declining the offer will mean rejecting a job offer, and you will receive a second offer once the other students have been assigned.

We offer job positions in the following sectors:

  • Logistics, Warehousing, and Manufacturing
  • Gastronomy 
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial Cleaning (cleaning offices, facilities, hospitals)
  1. These job positions are intended for seasonal work for students. Among the most popular roles this summer are those in the logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing sector. Activities involved in these roles include product packaging, labeling, pricing, declarations, product control, and preparation for shipment, as well as assisting in the production process itself. One of the key advantages of working in this sector is the opportunity for students to gain experience with some of the world’s largest companies, such as Mercedes, Amazon, LGI, Michelin and more, where students can firsthand familiarize themselves with advanced production and technological processes.
  2. Biergartens, Traditional German restaurants and fast-food chains offer various job positions, including bartenders, assistant waiters, kitchen assistants, salad preparation, beer tapping, dish clearing from tables, and dishwashing. Students do not select their job positions; rather, they are determined by the manager based on prior experience and proficiency in the German language.
  3. Next are the job positions in the hospitality sector. Here, students are working in two different categories of hotels. Some are located in bigger cities and are responsible for room cleaning, and in some hotels, there are also job positions in the hotel’s restaurant or kitchen. In some hotels, students are given room quotas to fulfill within a specified time frame. This is a common working method in hotels worldwide. Other options are hotel resorts in popular tourist locations. Here students have more job possibilities and can work as a kitschen assistants, bar keepers on the beach or other similar job positions. 
  4. The Industrial cleaning job positions are usually for students with low language capabilities but with big possibility for working extra hours. In these positions students work cleaning the public of business facilities and offices, hospitals, schools or universities and other buildings. Here the students are getting weekly plans and there are possibilities for more hours. 

More Information about the Programm

Travel to Germany and back:

We handle the organization of the candidates’ travel to Germany, including cities or accommodations. It is very beneficial and crucial that someone is on-site to welcome the candidates and promptly sign all contracts and documents. In case this isn’t possible, coordination will be necessary for the students to meet with their local contact person or at their workplace.

Health Travel Insurance:

Every candidate from Macedonia travels with travel health insurance, which is sufficient for all emergencies. The insurance covers damages up to 30,000 Euros. In case of an emergency, the candidate simply needs to call the emergency number or pay up to 150 Euros themselves and then get reimbursed in Macedonia. For candidates applying for a work visa or EU profiles, we assist in registering for health insurance.

Tax Declaration:

The submission of tax declarations is the responsibility of each candidate. In any case, we request these services for the student as well. It is important that every candidate is registered with the tax office and has an ID number.


We help with the organization of bank account openings. We provide the most suitable solutions for the students, from which they can choose and open their accounts. Till now we have made cooperaitons with macedonian, german or other european online banks.


The minimum wage in Germany in 2023 was €12 per hour gross. Every year the German government is pushing this salary few percentage up. Depending on the job position, the salary varies from €12.20 to €14 gross per working hour, with a minimum of 39.5 hours per week/169 hours per month. Naturally, regardless of the job, students are entitled to a minimum 30-minute unpaid break during the day. Students in Germany are subject only to personal income tax, which ranges from 13%, depending on how many additional hours the student works, including night shifts, and similar factors.


Some employers offer accommodation and/or meals and deduct the costs from the salary. Typically, such accommodations are communal, where several students share a room, restroom, and kitchen. If the employer does not provide accommodation, although it is not a Posrednik obligation, both the student and Posrednik will simultaneously seek accommodation.

We encourage all students who want to gain valuable working, travel, cultural, and social experience in Germany, where they will have the opportunity to meet and work with people from around the world, explore new places and other countries, all while earning, to apply for this program and make a significant change for their future selves.

Find your perfect job and travel, make experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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