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Posrednik24 - Partner at the Student Conference 2024 in Ohrid

As a company that places a major emphasis on students and creating opportunities for them to improve their student life, we understand the significance of supporting such events. Therefore, we recently participated in the Student Conference 2024 held in Ohrid by the University Student Assembly. As a partnering company, we were excited to engage in this initiative and directly interact with students to enhance the opportunities we provide.

The conference provided us with a platform for networking and building relationships with both students and fellow professionals. Through panel discussions, workshops, and informal conversations, we had the opportunity to exchange ideas, share best practices, and establish meaningful connections. These interactions not only enriched our understanding of current events and challenges but also opened doors for potential collaborations and partnerships.

Beyond the exchange of ideas and networking opportunities, our participation in the student conference was also a shared commitment to effecting positive changes and creating new opportunities for students tailored to their needs. The feedback we received from students will serve as a guide for us to create better services for them.

Aleksandar Nikolovski, President of the University Student Assembly, commented on the event: “This is an interdisciplinary event aimed at networking participants, improving students’ skills, discovering new opportunities, collaborations, and knowledge, and enhancing student days.”

In conclusion, we would like to thank the University Student Assembly for the opportunity to be part of this event. We hope to have the opportunity to collaborate again in the future, as the benefits of such events are mutual!


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